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Would Fishmen Wear Corsets?

I'm going presage my answer with that I am a great fan of Corsets and my Wife owns several ones, including some proper, steel boned corsets. So, suffice to say - I'm not biased against Corsets. I'm ...
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How long could a levitating fish stay out of the water?

30 seconds to 10 minutes Anglers try to keep time out of water under 30 seconds to avoid stressing out the fish. Fish already struggle to survive and stress doesn't help. But going over isn't certain ...
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Which limbs should be retained or lost to turn this land animal into a swimmer?

Convergent evolution Take a look at this picture from The common pattern is a smooth elongated body with a pointy tip. Three (...
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Practicallity Check of Floating Fish Enclosure

If I'm understanding correctly, one potential concern might be fish swimming out of the bubble. I'm not seeing much else, but I'm no ichthyologist so maybe wait until someone more knowledgeable ...
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How long could a levitating fish stay out of the water?

Days to Months Frame challenge! You may wish to consider some other inspirational fish that would give you a lot more freedom in species design for a magical levitating fish. Any common fish isn't ...
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