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How would humans evolve in this star system?

They would not. Not in any significant manner. Homo Sapiens is mostly unchanged over last 10k years. We almost completely excluded natural selection. The better our technology is the lest natural ...
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Alternate Triassic dinosauriods

It could happen. We came from reptiles and before that from fish. Your mechanism for it happening is only a partial explanation though. These things take millions of happenstances to occur, but ...
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Alternate Triassic dinosauriods

Is this too much of a stretch? Yes. First reason: taking up to the tree to avoid the massive crocs roaming the ground is just one possible solution to the environmental pressure. Having all the ...
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How can children dying increase fitness?

Frame Challenge Nature only care for one thing in its creatures (elves): evolution. I don't think the best way for Nature to ensure healthy evolution would be to foster this "danger playtime&...
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