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For questions regarding the viability of a life-form design. These questions should focus on biologically plausible creatures.

This tag is for questions about creating new organisms to exist in any world. It should be used for questions about the viability of a design or for critical suggestions for a new creature design. Keep in mind that this site is not meant for broad idea generation, so you should be specific and provide all the relevant detail, or risk seeing the question put on hold until you narrow it down. Similarly, it is helpful to provide some metrics by which the answers should be judged.

Here are some possible question titles for this tag:

  • Would this creature survive in an atmosphere of x pressure, or composed of a certain percent of a certain gas?
  • What character traits would this creature evolve in a certain world?
  • Is this creature a viable species (i.e. would it be able to reproduce/forage/etc)?

Also consider using this tag in conjunction with the if you want to know whether or not a certain design is feasible.

For some starting tips on designing living organisms for your worlds, you can have a look at CreativeBloq's article or this article on GoMedia.