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For questions seeking guidance balancing the power and capabilities of a magic system.

Properly balancing your magic system is crucial to a good story or good game play. If magic is too powerful or too easily obtained, your characters become godlike. If too weak or too difficult to obtain, magic becomes meaningless in your story or game.

Magic should also be balanced within your world as a whole. In other words, it should be part of the rules and systems that allow your world to operate ecologically, environmentally, and anthropologically. Balancing your magic system makes it a more natural part of your world.

A well-written question seeking guidance for balancing a magic system should explain enough of the system to ensure answerers comprehend the pros and cons of solutions. In short, the system should exist as more than a vague idea. In short, while the system may not yet be complete, enough of the system should have been developed that answerers can focus on refinement, not development.