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Anatomically Correct Strange Women In Ponds Distributing Swords

I suspect that she is a woman. Be able to live or at least spend long periods of time underwater in a lake "Long periods" is relative and opinion based. Kimberly Jeffries can hold her ...
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Anatomically Correct Strange Women In Ponds Distributing Swords

She is a normal woman standing in a submerged bin While she awaits the chosen one she sits on the stool. As soon as she hears the coconuts, she stands on the stool and arranges her samite robe to ...
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Given immortality can animals become intelligent?

Evidence suggests that no creature becomes more intelligent than it needs to be, intelligence is expensive of calories, for example, human brains are about 2% of our overall mass but require 20% of ...
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Justifying why a troll's skin would turn to stone in sunlight

Their skin contains a set of proteins that will bind to each other and harden when exposed to certain wavelengths, much like dental composite polymers: Composites are placed while still in a soft, ...
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How fast would a sword need to be to avoid getting blood on it?

Speed Not Required Give your sword a hydrophobic coating and it will never get any blood on it. The coating repels liquids, causing them to bead up like water on a lotus leaf and just run off. Bonus ...
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Make slimes great again, but how?

Slimes can't be harmed with weapons They don't have a solid form. Slash it with a sword, whack it with a hammer, poke it with a spear, and all you get is a wet thud. Slimes can't be harmed by fire ...
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Could a plant grow on a restrained, living human?

First off let me say yuck!, that is a series of Google searches I can never take back. But as to your question, apparently plants often germinate inside the human body, specifically inside the lungs, ...
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How would deafening as punishment be carried out?

There is historical record (although old and unreliable) that, in 1031 or 32, Vazul, the grand prince of Hungary, was blinded and deafened using molten lead to make him unsuitable as king. It was not ...
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How big is my Giant?

Square-Cubic Law tells us that at some size the neck of our giant breaks under its own weight(2), but how large is a giant that has a ring that fits a forearm? Our Giant's finger's diameter is the ...
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A method to cause maximum pain to a human

An electrode wired directly into the brain's pain centers would provide any level of pain you require at the flip of a switch. We have done this with test animals, mostly mice in order to study pain ...
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How many years before enough atoms of your body are replaced to survive the sudden disappearance of the original body’s atoms?

Your former projection will be in for a hard time, even if they've faithfully served their summoner for decades. Why? The calcium in bone (and more so teeth, especially the enamel) is relatively ...
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Justifying why a troll's skin would turn to stone in sunlight

Another classic trait of trolls, is a tremendous regenerative ability. Sometimes to the point where only fire can kill them. So I'd suggest trolls create a chemical in their body that boosts their ...
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How large can a water bear become before it loses its abilities?

Sadly, (for they would be adorable) no. One of the main things that's going to hinder your dear "water boars" (hey if normally sized tardigrades are called water pigletts why not call these ones ...
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How fast would a sword need to be to avoid getting blood on it?

Not only is speed not required as per Joe Kissling's answer but speed is not able to keep it clean, either. The sword will be pushing through blood as it cuts, it's impossible for blood not to get on ...
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Would this winged human/angel be able to fly?

Probably not I agree that the work is incredible, but ultimately the problem with the design is always going to be the downstroke of the wing. Birds have massively well developed pectoral muscles. ...
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Barehanded vs direwolf

An unarmed, unarmoured, unprepared human against a large apex predator? That can be expected to hunt in packs? That's a fairly clever hunter? That eats things that are substantially bigger, stronger, ...
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Make slimes great again, but how?

Slimes are very big. The little puddle on the floor is to the body of the slime as a mushroom is to the mycelium below. The mushroom is the size of your finger. The mycelium is the size of a car. ...
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Anatomically Correct Strange Women In Ponds Distributing Swords

Did you know some turtles can breathe through their butt? Here we have a similar thing: a humanoid lady clad in long folds of her own skin, which just so happens to look like samite. Which, after ...
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Barehanded vs direwolf

This is a game. You aren't going to get killed in the first 10 seconds. If you attack it will kill you. If you run it will chase you and then if you turn ...
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How tall can a humanoid creature be without alerting the rest of the planet with earthquakes?

A real answer is a calculus problem that requires many different iffy variables that will be difficult to determine. So I am just going to ballpark it instead. In a lot of places, I have rounded or ...
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What type of food might an organism that lives its entire life in interstellar space eat?

Such a creature would most likely dine on a diet of the finest pixie dust Unfortunately, the creature you describe is so far from reality and the laws of physics that we are pretty much 100% in the ...
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Where to place an artificial gland in the human body?

Art Imitates Life Lucky for you, the implantation (or rather reimplantation) of endocrine glands is already a thing. During parathyroidectomy, it is common practice to perform autotransplantation of ...
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How do I stop Bob the gigantic animal from overheating?

Biological methods to reduce internal body temperature: Increase surface area of skin, via cracks, and folds (mentioned elsewhere) like an elephant. Use extrusions of the skin to increase surface ...
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Metal-Feathered Macaw Viability Part 1: How Can It Fly?

I'll take a stab at this... First things first, I'm finding it hard to find exact figures about the weight of a macaw's feathers but a general consensus seems to be the bird itself weighs around 1kg (...
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Given immortality can animals become intelligent?

In addition to Ash's answer: You assume that every lifeform spends its entire life learning indefinitely. This is just plain incorrect. Not only could you look at the elderly of most species and see ...
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Make slimes great again, but how?

Every drop of slime is a slime. If you splash goo everywhere while hitting, they'll each act as separate conscious slimes. The drops on your armor will search the gaps. The drops on your weapon will ...
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How can a mortal woman successfully carry a demigod to term?

Do not make a problem where you do not have one Demi-gods have been born by fully human mothers in hundreds of myths all around the world for thousands of years without anyone ever making an issue out ...
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How can I tie an individual's general appearance with the season they're born in?

Epigenetics Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Epigenetic changes are modifications to DNA that regulate whether ...
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Universal Phonetic Alphabet

Frame challenge: you are giving yourself a lot of unnecessary work. Your implanted translators mean that your readers or players don't need to know the details of your languages' phonetics. That table ...
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