For questions that ask what might have happened if history had taken a different path.

These questions look at our history and they apply one or more changes to it. Then, they try to see what the consequence would be and how this new world they created is different from ours.

These questions often fall in the "What if ... ?" category and are at risk of being too broad. When asking the question, people should focus on only one or a small amount of aspects.


  • Starting point: Hundred Years' War.
  • The difference: England wins instead of France.
  • Consequences: What are the consequences of an English victory?

This is a bad question because it is too broad. A better question would be: If England had won the war, what aspect (specify one aspect) would be different in today's France?

The aspect changed could include: language, religion, royal dynasties and so forth.

This tag is different from , which can be used to describe events in history that did not happen on Earth.