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For questions regarding clothes (and other related possessions) and trends of a culture.

The simplest would be to wear the usual backless/tank top and then put a loose coat, hoody or cardigan over it. When they need to fly they can very quickly pull off the outer layer and extend the wing …
answered Oct 21 '18 by Tim B
The easiest way to answer questions is to look for examples: Dogs have fur, but don't find clothing particularly uncomfortable. Our dog even brings us her jumper and asks us to put it on when she gets cold! …
answered Oct 14 '18 by Tim B
As a slight variation on the other suggestions, you can have them only able to transform materials that are "natural". In other words they can transform fur and leather and it transforms with them, h …
answered Oct 27 '15 by Tim B
decorating the harnesses. Example 2 Desert dwelling nomads - not sun adapted. In this case clothing is needed for protection. Social taboos may well develop to reinforce that need for clothing so … modesty may or may not exist. Clothing would probably look similar to that developed by desert cultures in our world. Example 3 Desert dwelling camel-riding nomads - sun adapted. In this case clothing
answered Oct 7 '14 by Tim B
Do motorcycle helmets have windscreen wipers? Not usually, and yet they work in all weather conditions. I'm not a motorcyclist myself but I'd expect this to be due in large part to the materials use …
answered Oct 21 '15 by Tim B
There would be differences, but those differences would mostly be fairly subtle. TL;DR: Tiny Clothing Industry, Fashion Industry about haircuts and dye, no tropical holidays, low skin cancer rates … likely. It's still possible that one would develop, in which case society would look much like our own, but it's unlikely so the rest of this answer will run with that outcome. The clothing industry would …
answered Oct 25 '14 by Tim B