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For questions that have to do with magic, as opposed to science/technology. Remember to explain any limits.

2 votes

Hiding runic trap in a house

It makes sense to create a magic system where certain people can be excluded from a trap. Also see 6). 4) Just because the thief knows it is there doesn't mean that he will find it in time. …
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3 votes

How can a demon who feeds on sex survive in the modern world without exposing itself?

I am assuming that we are dealing with one (or very few) creatures. Also I'm assuming that this is the only supernatural element in your world - otherwise this question is way too broad. It should be …
  • 4,429
10 votes

How would it make sense that spellbooks or grimoires teach only one spell?

I imagine magic is very complicated since nobody I know can do it. One could also put the entire history of a spell and famous users or uses and so on into a book. … Why should every book be a thousand page long encyclopedia that your magic student has to browse through? …
  • 4,429
2 votes

How to conceptually explain use of a single substance to augment and dissipate magic?

Your defensive barrier is a metastable state of magic. Here is a wikipedia article explaining the concept of metastability that also includes a nice drawing: click. … This also can explain why the hero needs the same kind of wood to channel the magic. Anything else might simply not interact with that particular state. …
  • 4,429
1 vote

How to make ice magic possible?

I do not want to go into the details, I already discussed some problems in the comments - but basically if you introduce those kinds of magic into our real world, things get messy. … There will always be magic to save you - sure water ice does float on liquid water - so maybe do not change density in general but introduce magic density for example or remember that water even in our …
  • 4,429
1 vote

Where would fire manipulation magic fit in a modern military

can I be frank for a moment? I don't think you know much about the world we live in and what plasma, fire or electricity is. I recommend getting some high school level book about physics and reading a …
  • 4,429
12 votes

How can you punish someone without causing suffering?

Don't punish them, just exclude them from society. This is how for example the "San" are doing it. I assume because of your question that the spirits appear where the suffering occurs. Given your pr …
  • 4,429