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For questions that require plausible (better than suspension-of-disbelief) answers based on Real World science that are not necessarily constrained to the known limits of Real World science. Contrast with the hard-science, science-fiction and internal-consistency tags. Do not use this tag as the only tag on a question because it describes how the question should be answered, not the topic.

4 votes

How could you make a bullet that disappears entirely after impact (like ice maybe)?

My answer didn't use gunpowder, posited air or rail guns, and it was posted 33 minutes before your question. Oh well. My alternatives here answer the question of impact that disappears, but it probabl …
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11 votes

What conditions would lead a hyperparasite (whose host is itself a parasite) to develop civi...

If the parasite was a symbiote you can then allow for the creation of civilisation. Purely parasitic life forms doesn't strike me as gaining any evolutionary or reproductive advantage from intelligenc …
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3 votes

Mechanism to slow down the light emitted by an object such that it will result in inaccurate...

Slow down light at source University of Glasgow Scientists Slow Down The Speed Of Light Travelling Through Air Researchers from the University of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt University slowed single photo …
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1 vote

What kind of planet would be needed to create aliens which are significantly larger and stro...

A planet identical to earth could produce aliens 50% larger than humans (mass not height). That's a bilaterally symmetrical biped of 93kg (human average is 62kg). If you want noticeably larger you cou …
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4 votes

How long would recognizable ruins last in a world that's being purposely overheated?

Many ancient sites have some level of traffic or occupation that keeps much of nature's incursions away. See Chernobyl for what can happen in 30 years. But it is still recognisable. Ancient sites in …
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  • 1,282