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Hypothetical energy sources for a picotech utility fog civilzation?

Imagine an (ultra) high-tech civilization that has access to, say 1031 bits of unique usable data (Type Z on Sagan's "Information Mastery" scale), and is capable of harnessing and utilizing ...
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2 answers

Plausibility of my alien race [closed]

I came up with an alien race for a video game I'm developing, and I wanted to know if they would be scientifically plausible. They call themselves (rough translation) the Valke. They are humanoids ...
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4 answers

The Point: is it possible? [closed]

Side note: This is for an actual nation roleplay, and there is QUITE a bit of leeway there, but I highly recommend you base your answer on science. It's fine if you don't, but please try. The Fortnite ...
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3 answers

What might be the negative effects of researching or implementing the Searl Effect, Moray Generators, Perendev Generators, et al.?

A morally questionable organization is developing a power source based on quantum fluctuations (zero-point energy), citing the Moray generator, freedom particles, the Searl effect, and so forth as ...
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