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Using a Royal Harem as a Bureaucratic Corps

Scribes and other literate administrators were a hot commodity in the ancient world. Whether they were Confucian Scholar-Gentry or Catholic Monks, the pre printing press world made whole social ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Could an alien creature with an exoskeleton naturally including lead levels roughly twice as high as iron in human bones get natural RAD protection?

The title is my question. I'm writing a short story and I'm considering have the aliens develop radiation weapons for use against humans and I'm trying to figure out a way that they could be both ...
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4 votes
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How does a whistle language written with latin script work?

so for context this kind of alien possess no vocal cord to make sound like human had instead, they communicate by making sounds akin to whistle,chirp,and clicks. this kind has no native writing ...
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Could a character go back in time and then "kill" the timeline they came from? [closed]

So I'm trying to see if this scenario would work for a piece I'm writing. I know timetravel can be quite specific and most people dont like it because its executed poorly. To specify say the ...
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What would bloodstains look like after 500 years?

I realise this is a bit of a strange question, but what would bloodstains look like after ~500 years? Specifically, what would a text written on parchment using (human) blood as ink look like after ...
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Tanks, weapons, equipments and armor for super soldiers

I am writing a fiction draft about a main character who happens to be transported into another world as the leader of his main faction in an RTS game he used to play. The background of his RTS faction ...
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2 votes
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What Kind of weapon would create a scar like this? [closed]

Does anyone know what kind of weapon could make a jagged scar from the middle of your shoulder to just where your wrist starts?
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4 answers

How Do You Manage Religion in World Building? [closed]

I may be asking this in the wrong place, as it could be a pretty subjective question- just let me know and I’ll ask elsewhere, but I saw on a recent post that the Code of Conduct on this site ...
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3 answers

What are the combat advantages of very large customizable robot body

a small thought about size advantage in fictions especially sci-fi. It always happens. Small slender robot or cyborg beats an opponent that two or even five times bigger than him. It explained in ...
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1 vote
6 answers

Future evolution of an English Language and writing system

In a future where a large company is launching a series of interstellar colony fleets to nearby star systems, would it be feasible if they modified the English writing system and Earth kept to the ...
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Development of a multi-color writing system

On earth, the first writing systems developed for accounting. You just cannot run an empire like Egypt or Mesopotamia without writing down who paid his taxes. Let alone organize mega-projects such as ...
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2 answers

How to make a nonmagic user rise to power? [closed]

I'd like to make a nonmagic user rise to power in my story dominated by magic users, but I can't think of a way that doesn't use magic in any way at all. I don't want the character to use any magical ...
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Viability of Plasma Weaponry for Handheld Purpose in SciFi

I'm writing a short story and I'm intending to have one of the characters utilizing a plasma weapon as infantry. The way I'm planning on explaining it is the plasma is kept in a slightly unstable ...
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