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For questions pertaining to humans or humanoids with wings in addition to or in place of normal human limbs.

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Would this winged human/angel be able to fly?

I take no credit for the image below. All artwork and information belongs to Blue-Hearts on DeviantArt: (click on image for a higher resolution) I'm personally very impressed at her level of detail ...
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Aerial combat: winged humans

I shall present myself: I am Alfara Gal Strid, proud leader of a clan of Arat'nie - what you would simply call "winged humans". I come to you with a troublesome question. You see, for a long time we ...
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Could winged humanoids perch on public transit?

In modern times, public transport, whether it is buses, trains, or taxis, makes long-term travel more convenient. Also in that same world, there are winged humanoids capable of actual flying, with ...
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How could a winged human hide their wings?

In my world there are ''angels'' which have 4ft long wings and can't fly. As of late, these 'angels' have been hunt down and they must hide. How can a winged human hide their wings?
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8 votes
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What size would my race to be to be able to both use insectoid wings and have moderate intelligence, sentience, and general mental aptitude?

I know I can't simply scale up insect wings and place them on a human for them to work. I am creating a race that is constituted of small humanoids with dragonfly wings. How small do I have to make ...
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Human wing area for gliding?

If humans had wings, let's just say in the classic angel position. It's pretty obvious that we don't have the muscles or aerodynamics to actually fly with them. I was looking at hang-gliders, and I ...
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