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Questions tagged [wheels]

For questions about wheels as a means of locomotion.

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3 answers

What would tires look like on a super-Earth with 2.5 G surface gravity?

A super-Earth has 2.5 G of surface gravity, as opposed to the Earth's 1 G of surface gravity. Some folks on it drive wheeled vehicles, and the wheels on said vehicles have tires on them. These tires ...
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What technologies will make the wheel obsolete in the future? [closed]

It will be a major revolution to see an invention that existed for many thousands of years disappear in the far future. I think that levitating and hovering technologies will make the wheel obsolete ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Sanity check: 4D bio-wheels

In our 3D world, it is basically impossible to evolve living wheels, or helicopter rotors, or anything similar because free rotation of an axle dictates that there is no fixed connection to the body ...
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10 votes
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In what sort of environment might a species with biological wheels evolve, and what would they look like?

So for a thought experiment I came up with the idea of a species that uses wheels for locomotion, sort of inspired by a species shown in His Dark Materials. Under what circumstances would such a ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Wheel-based vehicle vs Ground-gliders

In a mostly snowy world (snow deserts, snow jungles, etc) with a few underground cities built with magitek, most popular vehicles are rovers/gliders (think speeder bike from Star Wars). Would there be ...
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5 answers

Could a human civilization never invent the wheel?

Let's go back 10,000-12,000 years, when humans have yet to make strides in basic machines. In our world, the invention of the wheel makes things easy to move, starting a transportation revolution. ...
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Naturally occurring wheels - do the 'mech' vs. 'tank' comparison apply to organics?

There have been several discussions about mechs, and the general consensus is - whilst cool, they're not actually a very good design. Plausible Reasons for usage of Combat Mecha What I was wondering ...
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