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Questions relating to the weak nuclear force, which is responsible for radioactive decay of nuclei. Consider also [radioactivity].

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How much stuff can I alter using the weak force before I kill myself

Weak Nuclear Alchemy, that is the power I am asking about today, a power that was already discussed in What Would Powers Based of the Weak Force Look Like, but I am asking a more specific question. ...
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Can an alternate physics system be devised in which the weak force is reduced or eliminated entirely?

Like, is there a modification to the Standard Model you could make, or some sort of alternate gauge theory that only unifies the strong and the electromagnetic interactions? Edit: I am not asking for ...
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Would it be possible for supergiants to play football at the normal pace with a moon-sized ball in the right parallel universe? [closed]

Imagine astronomical sized giants in a parallel universe where they could exist. They have moon-sized brains and are about 20 brains high. Their motion, in this universe, would be enormously slow. The ...
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In the Orthogonal series, would the weak nuclear force have infinite range?

I read about the universe described in the Orthogonal series. It has 4 fundamentally similar dimensions, rather than 3 dimensions of space and one dimension of time as is the case with our universe. ...
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What element would make up a creature if it used the weak nuclear force during its metabolic processes?

I was doing some research on how to design a scientifically possible alien, when I came across an interesting section on metabolism. I found it very interesting and read about the weak force, as ...
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Could there exist a quantum virus which breaks someone's body down to fundamental particles?

In the Animorphs series K.A. Applegate mentions: A quantum virus. It breaks down the very forces that holds subatomic particles together. It can take weeks or even months of agony as your body ...
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What good are psychics who control the strong or weak forces? [closed]

So I have a modern setting with psions. Their powers fall into groups that control different well defined things, with many controlling fundamental forces. The psions' powers automatically attempt to ...
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