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How big are the waves created by water falling from an absurdly large pipe into a quarry basin?

A pipe 200-meters in diameter comes out of a cliff face and turns downward, like a bathtub faucet. A torrent of water is coming out: 10 meters from exit of faucet to surface of lake. The lake is 40 ...
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Long-term, what does my magical 2x2 mile raining deathtrap do to the surrounding land?

Earlier I asked a few questions about one particular part of my setting, which is an Earth in the immediate aftermath of a supernatural apocalypse that made the world a gridded globe of 2x2 mile "...
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Could terrain like this form on Earth? If so, how?

I am creating an RPG and came across an image that I wanted to base my landscape on. It is shown above. Is it possible for terrain like that to form on Earth (ignore the wildlife)? If it is, how could ...
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Adjusting to the Sound of a Waterfall

Suppose, for instance, you lived in a world filled with nasty monsters and other creatures of the night, all of whom wanted to kill you and eat you in various ways. Now, the good news here is that we ...
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