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How would a moon that was stroking a planet with a tail appear to people on the planet? [closed]

In my world, the moon has heard the poetry and romantic words of a person on the planet, and so has decided to flirt with and stroke said poet with their moon scale tail. Their tail has magic, and so ...
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Would tidal recession significantly reduce the angular size of small moons?

Multiple large moons around a terrestrial planet is something that is seen in science fiction a lot, but is not really easily possible. An alternative is to use smaller moons but have them orbit ...
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What would the stars look like near the centre of a galaxy?

In this sci-if scenario, angry aliens “evict” Earth and the sun from the galaxy using their clarkean wormhole technology, and sol ends up in a new region of space. Sol is now located near the core of ...
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Do you need a new brain to see new colors?

Humans can see 3 colors, sometimes we can see more one color at the same time, this creates 7 variations of colors and a few million different shades of those same 7 colors. blue, red, green = mix ...
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How a kinetic strike from orbit would look like? [closed]

The impactor is a tungsten rod of 5 tons, moving at 0.015c, impacting a generic land spot on Earth. Calculator of kinetic energy outputs that this will be equivalent to ~2 Mt nuclear warhead (if I'm ...
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How do you show and not tell alien biochemistry? [closed]

Let's say you were thinking of making a docufiction about alien life and you wanted to do a segment or two about alien life with radically different biochemistry, such as being based on silicon ...
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