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Why would modern humans not use scuba gear for missions underwater? (But freedive instead)

I am writing the lore for a currently in-development open-world freediving adventure game and am stuck with trying to keep some things scientifically founded. Overall the game style is closer to ...
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Will the hackers prevent all-five senses VR sets from ever becoming popular? [closed]

In future, VR gaming sets featuring complete sense of temperature, odors and pain have emerged. By default, pain is limited to just 10% of realistic value, for safety reasons while playing brutal ...
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Algorithm for creating realistic flying (voxel) islands [closed]

I am currently working on a part of a game that has voxel-based terrain, a bit like Minecraft. There are different kinds of „blocks“ like stone, dirt, sand, etc. But the story/setting requires that I ...
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Why are there no handheld firearms in my steampunk future?

I am working on a steampunk/plasmapunk game. The players are dropped into a ruined world full of old technology. The big focus of the game is the players salvaging the stuff that's left behind and ...
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What kind of sounds would a creature from the void make? [closed]

For a place I call The Void, its a place filled in darkness with no elements on the galactic periodic table, what sounds would it have? Especially the entities in the Void called VoidSpawn being ...
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Justifying one level tall spaceships

I enjoy playing FTL: Faster Than Light and got inspired to write my own but more sophisticated 2D strategy game with the focus on custom ship construction. I want to have many systems on board which ...
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34 votes
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Why do my monster minions all have obvious weak points that instantly kill them?

A malevolent force is lurking the shadows creating monsters to be its army and take over the world. WHY in the world does it put a highlighted weak point on all of them? It makes sense from a writers' ...
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Why do the enemies have finite aggro ranges?

Edit: (September 18 2021) So far there are are many good answers that address why a group of guard monsters or unaffiliated group of humans might have a finite aggro range. However these answers are ...
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Fire-themed enemy ideas [closed]

So I'm currently designing a video game lava level and I wanna fill it with fire-based animals that will essentially act as enemies for the players to interact with. So far I've currently got two ...
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A Real-Life Lethal Lava Land [closed]

Imagine for a moment, a video game lava level exactly like BotW's Eldin Region, or the eighth world in New Super Mario Bros: Wii. You know, flowing lavafalls and rivers, lava spewing mountains akin to ...
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What would a video game lava level be like in real life?

So this is something I've recently started to think about lately and it's honestly a case of genuine curiosity more than anything else. Many fantasy/adventure-oriented video games usually feature a ...
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what is a way i could summon a creature in a game with certain rules of magic [closed]

In a game I'm working on, magic is a force that can turn things into similar things (air into fire, lead into gold, air into colder air, etc) it can also hide people or slow time for the user and can ...
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Least dangerous tranquilizer dart-ish design

So, now, here is my problem. I'm making a video game, and I wish to make it so that teams use tranquilizer dart-like weapons to capture each other (this is a continuation of my previous question that ...
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Anatomically Correct Great Maccao [closed]

so this is a Great Maccao from Monster Hunter: Generation a feathered raptor like creature that can stand on its tail, carrying its whole body up in the air for sometimes I heard kangaroo can do that,...
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Anatomically Correct Strider [closed]

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series To celebrate the upcoming Nether update for Minecraft, I've decided to ask, what an anatomically correct Strider would look like? Based on ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Anatomically Correct Yoshi [closed]

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series For 30 years T Yoshi Munchakoopas has been been helping Mario out in many adventures even reuniting him with his brother when they were ...
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Anatomically Correct Sonic

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series. to celebrate the upcoming Sonic movie I've decided to ask the question of what an anatomically correct Sonic would look like? Based on all ...
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Anatomically Correct Creeper

I am a huge Minecraft fan and just realized, this hasn't been asked before, so I wanted to ask a live-long (31. August 2009) question, and pay my obulus to the Anatomically Correct series. I have ...
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