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3 votes
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How would a high escape velocity effect conditions on a low gravity Birch planet?

A birch planet is a theoretical far future Giga-structure where a shell world is built around a supermassive blackhole. I have been playing around with different astrophysical calculators to find out ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Reality Check: Controling time to produce velocity

Background I recently had some fun watching YouTube videos about redefining the nature of gravity based on the existence and flow or "velocity" of time. (Example) and it got me thinking of ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How fast can my humanoid run?

The fluff: I have a humanoid who's about to breach a door. He's got some upgrades to his body and can pump some stimulants through it to boost his strength, resiliance and speed to ridiculous ...
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Could a steel cylinder punch through plate armor?

I want to be a bit more creative in my design of medieval weapons, and have begun looking into the creation of an Arbalest that instead of shooting traditional crossbow bolts, shoots metallic ...
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Minimal mass of an Earth-like satellite to seriously deter space travel?

I want to write a story taking place on the natural satellite of a gas giant, with said satellite being massive enough to prevent, or at least strongly deter, space travel, such that the resources ...
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