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Is there any way to justify very different levels of technological development within a few thousand miles?

Imagine a continent the size of Africa. At the coasts are sophisticated cities, where people use digital technology, electric cars, and whatnot. Travel inland, across a mountain range or through a ...
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Bidirectional engineered rivers for long distance non-self-propelled boats

Building on my previous thread and taking into account suggestions Long distance travel by non-motorised rolling vehicles I wish to consider two-way rivers that flow in opposite directions at the same ...
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How can I give Henry Ford's customers what they want: a faster horse?

I'm working for Henry Ford's engineering department and thought I'd gatecrash your "worldbuilding" forum to do my job for me. Our customer research department tell me that our customers want ...
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What would a gondola carried by a giant bird look like?

In the world I'm designing there is an island with a kingdom there, people in that kingdom have learned to tame giant birds and use them for transport. One such means of transport is a gondola with a ...
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How far could material cableways stretch if carbon nanotubes were used? is an elegant technology, popular around the 18th century, that transports bulky cargo along highly-trafficked routes with minimal energy requirements. ...
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Why would small rail vehicles supplement cars & normal passenger trains in the near future?

Why would small rail vehicles exist alongside cars & normal passenger trains in the near future? In this world rails run throughout cities for metros & every town has a rail connection outside ...
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How movable are miniature black holes?

I've purchased a miniature black hole on ebay. I've heard they make excellent kitchen disposal units. Unfortunately the seller says it is for collection only. Will I be able to move it? Anti-gravity ...
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6 votes
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Undead Powered Boats- Oars vs Paddlewheels

Assuming magically animated skeletons capable of projecting the same muscle force as an average human (note: not someone who has trained a bunch or such, average) that are tireless and unceasing, what ...
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9 answers

Most optimal hallways with random gravity inside?

Lets say you have a space ship. This ship will do a lot of maneuvers causing a lot of G forces to go in different directions through the ship. During straight acceleration it pushes the people inside ...
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Is it now possible to undetectably cross the Arctic Ocean on ski/kayak?

Consider current level technology - surveillance satellites, patrol boats, coastal guards, both USA and Russian anti-submarine jet aircraft patrolling skies of Arctic Sea. I have a big group (~1000) ...
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