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How to modernize military in a short time

Related to this. MC is trying to build a modern nation out from an ancient one, and he also needs a modern military. A modern military is not just about equipment, it is also about having modern ...
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Can we "train" the body to be more resistant to internal bleeding/head trauma?

Well, in order to give some background, basically the army of this fictional country is taking military training to its limits, but not in the traditional manner. For example: One of the first steps ...
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Is there any better place to train for space travel than in a nuclear submarine? [closed]

As a nuclear submarine captain with 17 years at sea and also having written an advanced research project on adaptation of submarine technology to the space station, here are a few points to consider. ...
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What is the best age to start training young children for warfare by an elite military?

Note: this is NOT a duplicate of this question as that question asks whether the process will create better soldiers or not, while in my setting it is already accepted by the empire that it WILL ...
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What educational resources could help someone who knows they will time travel to the future?

In H. P. Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1927), a character is resurrected approximately 150 years after his death and (being an accomplished and intelligent wizard), decides that before ...
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How would one train a group of women, who previously had no idea of the existence of aircraft, into pilots?

All the fantasy races like Elves, Dwarves, god-like beings and Demons have all grown sick of humanity’s shenanigans. They started a war of extermination against Humans, eventually confining them to an ...
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