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Questions tagged [topography]

Topography is a specialized study of geology that focuses on the shapes of both natural and artificial shapes of planetary land masses both small and large. Questions using this tag focus on the shape of the land mass or object, not what constitutes that shape (which is a geology question). Questions using this tag may also be about mapping elevations or the effect of a shape or elevation on climate, ecology, or culture.


How to explain one side of Super Earth is smoother than the other side?

A spaceship flew across an unclassified region of the Milky Way galaxy and found a Super Earth in an unnamed system. The planet is almost twice as massive as Earth and is orbiting fairly far away ...

Ringstadt: How sensible is my topography?

Look at you all sitting here. Quite some of you have probably never ventured beyond the outskirts of this city, mayhaps not even past the wall? You've spent your whole lives in this place, but what do ...