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Making a moon habitable through tidal heating

Let’s say we have a Star system with a gas giant about 30 AU from the local sun. This is way too far for this particular sun to warm any moons to habitability (unless life inhabits subsurface oceans) ...
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Questions about my binary planet system [closed]

I’ve recently designed a star system containing a habitable double planetary system, but I still have several questions to fill in I need answered. My binary planet is a Venus sized (mostly) Earth-...
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Tide without moons

I’m creating a planet which is relatively similar in size towards earth being slightly smaller. It’s covered in oceans and about only 17% of it is covered in land. The planet has no moons. I don’t ...
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Short and long term effects of an Earth sized planet entering Earth's orbit [closed]

In this scenario a Earth analog planet is accidentally pulled into Earth's orbit through the creation of a wormhole. The planet would orbit Earth at about 80,000 miles (128747.52 Km). The planet has ...
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Does this world sound realistic? (more tectonic activity)

Essentially, I want some characteristics for my world, and I want to have some amount of realism, so that I can use that realism to guide my writing. My world, Treyidal, is an about earth sized planet,...
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A Planet Approaching being a tidally locked planet

I am world-building an adventure for the Alien RPG. As a world approaches being tidally locked, and by this, I mean in the process of slowing down, but not stable. In such a world that no longer ...
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How much can the shape of the oceans affect the tides (on my earth-like planet)?

I have been concerned about the effect of tidal forces on my earth-like moon (0.7 earth masses and 0.88 earth radii), specifically given that because of the primary's mass (3 Jupiters, 1.04 Jupiter ...
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How habitable and different would an habitable stagnant-lid (no tectonics) world be?

Recently I was informed of the possibility of having an habitable world lacking tectonic plates, specifically of something called heat-pipe tectonics. Which is essentially the same tectonic system ...
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How many tectonic plates should my moon have?

I have been wondering, what factors influence the number of tectonic plates a planet would have? Are there criteria to choose the number? Case in point, for my habitable moon project, here is the ...
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How to make tides on my world less destructive?

I am currently developing an habitable moon oribiting a gas giant in a resonant orbit, however at the current time I am concerned about the effect of the gas giant on my world when it comes to tidal ...
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How bad would tides be on an habitable moon orbiting a gas giant in a 5:2 resonance (meaning not actual tidal locking)?

I have been working on an habitable moon (roughly 0.7 to 0.9 times the mass of the earth) orbiting a gas giant about 3 times the mass of jupiter and I have been thinking about a scenario in which I'd ...
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Tides on a planet with a similar moon but closer to the planet

So i'm building this planet and i want to know how the tides work in there! Moon absolute info (comparing to our moon) Mass 8.663x10²²kg (1.18) Radius 1794.12km (1.03) Density 3583kg/m³ (1.07) ...
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Could a "super-Enceladus" moon exist?

Firstly, let us define the term "Super-Enceladus". In the context of this question, a "Super-Enceladus" is a moon that has permanent or near-permanent polar jets spewing out matter ...
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What size of black hole is the safest?

Stellar-mass black holes are obviously dangerous. Their massive gravitational field and tidal forces threaten any planet or star system that gets too close to them. Microscopic black holes are also ...
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How to simulate tidal currents on an O'Neill Cylinder

How do you simulate tidal currents in an O'Neill Cylinder to maintain a healthy biome for aquatic life? The O'Neill Cylinder contains artificial rivers, freshwater lakes, and "Oceans" which ...
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Feasibilty of binary planet having life

So far I've designed two planets, and would like for them to orbit each other at a distance of roughly 1.25 million km (both planets would easily stay in the habitable zone), the smaller being tidally ...
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Moving Enceladus to become Earth's Second Moon and its side-effects

If we moved Enceladus (not Europa) into Earth's orbit (ignoring the plausibility of it), and gave it a breathable atmosphere, what effects would it have on the Earth? How would it affect us?
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