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Questions tagged [temperature]

For questions about heat and temperature. For example, such questions could ask about the temperature of astronomical objects, living beings, or space.

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What will be temperature in inland depression deeper than 2 km below sea level (48° southern latitude) and how will temperature gradient work there?

My another question related to already introduced planet Artemis is related to temperature gradient. Whether it will work also in depression deep under sea level and if yes what could be increase of ...
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1 vote
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What global warming level would be needed to keep the dew point of some place above the temperature of the lungs for at least 1 month per year?

Title might be a bit hard to understand but let me explain : when the dew point is above humans temperature (37℃) the water condenses in the lungs which are at a lower temperature than the air which ...
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Building the geography/astrography of a "Cool Super Earth"

So I'm currently building the geography of my world. It's supposed to be a Super Earth approximately 2.3 times the size and 1.7 times the mass. It's gravity is slightly weaker and it has slightly ...
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