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Questions about the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power.

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4 answers

Can cells and other materials be controlled electromagnetically

I'm trying to make a creature with a specialized organ that can be controlled telekinetically with cellular precision. Basically the creature would have a specialized organ connected to the brain that ...
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Ideal melee weapon for someone with "psychic arms" [closed]

There's a trope in certain comedic series, such as Veggietales and Homestar Runner, to have characters that do not have limbs, and yet visibly carry things around anyway. The general rules seem to be ...
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How fast can this guy safely fly?

I have a character that has powerful psychic abilites, these enable him to, among otherthings fly at high speeds and create transparent forcefields. However since these force fields are transparent, ...
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What is the physical limitation of using blood bending (hemokinesis) to make bullets with your own blood?

Recently, I have considered making a character who is able to use what is essentially blood-bending, otherwise known by its more formal name of hemokinesis. The problem is that this ability has one ...
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How realistically practical is hydrokinetic flight?

According to what I've looked up, the average human is 60% water, and 60% of that water is in cells. Lets assume this "hydrokinesis" is limited to telekinetically lifting and moving liquid ...
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Telekenesis is ruining sport: what to do?

There's a growing number of people who have telekinesis of different strengths, maybe as high as 1% of the population. Many sports are collapsing into squabbles among players and spectators over ...
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