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Manage Exotaxonomy [closed]

My story is set on a huge ring megastructure (Banks' Orbital), with properties (E.g. axial tilt, diameter, rotation) that allow it to have an Earth-like atmosphere. The biosphere is similar to the ...
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Taxonomic Ranks on a World with a Creator

Imagine a world like Earth (same size, distance from a sun-like star, gravity, atmosphere, that went through similar geological periods) but which was truly created by a creator (aka a God). Due to ...
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What are the defining characteristics of a dragon? [closed]

Most of us can take one look at something ad say if it's a dragon or not with relative ease. So far the only features that all dragonic creature have in common is they're not real. they capture the ...
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Simulated Reality : How is our level of existence described? [closed]

If we are all living in a simulated reality with all of our sensory experiences being provided by a godlike computer, how would our version of reality be described? It is a few "days" before I'm ...
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