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Feasibility of an industrial state using tax farming and monopolies for revenue instead of a modern tax system? [closed]

In my setting there is a colonial empire that has industrialized and extracts wealth from its urban holdings with the sale of tax collecting privileges to the highest bidder in a manner analogous to ...
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Using a Royal Harem as a Bureaucratic Corps

Scribes and other literate administrators were a hot commodity in the ancient world. Whether they were Confucian Scholar-Gentry or Catholic Monks, the pre printing press world made whole social ...
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How to ensure every citizen gets exactly one Copper Ration?

The Silver Dominion The great and grand Silver Dominion has a steel clad stranglehold on the continent's metal economy. In possession of WWI era industry and technology themselves, they keep their ...
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How could publicly accessible information proving that a public figure is corrupt go undetected for at least a year?

How could publicly accessible information proving that a public figure is corrupt go undetected for at least a year? Assume that the public figure is a moderately noteworthy politician (equivalent to ...
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Would a fully automated future society where everything is owned by the state still require taxes?

In this future society: All of Earth's resources can be accessed since the planet has one world government. All services and goods are owned, created, and distributed by the state. Every step of ...
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Fantasy Tax Rate Realism

In a story I'm planning, I want taxes to have an actual rate, and not just handwaved away. The setting is classical medieval with Inheritance (book) type of magic. I was thinking a flat 10% of ...
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Minimum level of technology to have a modern tax system?

As is my understanding (this is not my specialty), for the vast majority of history the crown (whatever sovereign entity exists at the head of the state) gathered income through a few means: Tariffs (...
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Could a medieval fantasy world sustain itself by occupying important trade hubs and taxing trade?

The civilization I'm talking about is marked in pink (cities A and B). The trade routes are marked in yellow. Owning the city B (the entire island) means they only need to travel across two ...
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What sort of expenses apply to governments in D&D? [closed]

I’m working on creating a “balance sheet” of sorts for my new campaign world and have calculated out tax income but I’m having trouble figuring out what expenses a mayor/lord/duke/King would have in ...
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Taxing the superhero industry

I'm the mayor of a large city, and I'm up for re-election. My poll numbers have slipped after a recent scandal (don't ask), so to make up ground, I need to appeal to my most vocal constituents: ...
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How would taxation for a city-state work in a D&D-like world?

In a magic-rich, Tolkien-inspired world, I am developing a system of taxation for a city-state. Centerseat is an important trade city, with many crafts being made under a guild system. Valuable ...
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What kind of a tax system would encourage well-off to have many children?

This question is inspired by the Would high fertility rate among the rich crowd out commoners? . The tax rate presented doesn't seem to encourage the desired behavior. The starting assumptions are: ...
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Would high fertility rate among the rich crowd out commoners?

I'm creating a developed country where due to tax reasons affluent have more children then the lower classes. The marginal tax rate is very high 80% and there are no legal loopholes to avoid paying ...
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Taxless government?

Could a government work without taxes or are taxes required? I know that taxes are how all levels of government are funded, from city taxes all the way to federal taxes. It would be nice if I could ...
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If all taxes were replaced with a Land Tax, would this deliver a fairer society and improve the economy?

The average citizen in virtually all ideological societies will pay various taxes. These taxes fall into three subcategories: Tax due when they receive money (tax due on income from labour or selling ...
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Taxes weighed by years of military service

In SpartaNova, there is a flat base income tax rate of 70%. For each year of military service that a (potential) citizen performs, his or her future tax rate is decreased by 10% if the service occurs ...
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Effects of "tax your vote" political system

I know that there was question about political system based on your wealth. This is little variation of it: What if your amount of votes was waged according to what you pay to the system? Rules: If ...
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Can government be funded by only printing more money and not taxing anyone?

In a society where government-issued currency (most current countries) is used, could the government fund itself by printing money to use instead of taxing its citizens? Would this work? If so: How ...
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How do I present a radically different society without making it a utopia or dystopia?

Usually, when a fictional society violates common assumptions of modern Western society, it's either a dystopia where the society is disparaged to uphold Earth society (every Star Trek alien society ...
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