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Would limited super-speed be useful in fencing?

Let there be humans who can move their limbs three times faster than is typically possible. This is the only enhancement: Their reaction time and brain speed is normal, and they therefore cannot walk/...
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What's the optimal weight of a bladed weapon? [closed]

In my magic system, people are capable of forming weapons out of their aura. The density of aura is naturally around 0.1g/cm3, but can be compressed down to 0.5g/cm. This means that aura can at most ...
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How can I translate fencing into a fast paced, high mobility and directional martial art, normally attributed to more aggressive and rogue chars? [closed]

So my main character in my story, is of a more aristocratic type house. Not necessarily in attitude, but in theme. So victorian style long coats and vests etc, while also being rogue/thief information ...
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How would my collapsible sword blade work?

The collapsible sword in question would be: 3 feet / 90 cm long total length of handle + blade. The blade would be 2 feet / 60 cm long, and the handle would be 1 foot / 30 cm long. (Handle could be ...
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Removing slaves' digit to prevent uprising

What digit, if removed, would hamper a human from fighting using medieval weaponry? (I'm toying with both thumbs but this may be too limiting in the work that the slaves can do or both little fingers ...
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Why might melee weapons be used in a sci if setting? [duplicate]

Ok, I am very aware that this question sounds like a near duplicate, but before voting to close it, hear me out. Why would the military use melee weapons such as swords, spears, axes, and all those ...
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Why are firearms not useful against fantasy creatures? [closed]

I am building a world where the modern day has collided with fantasy, and I want a situation where firearms are useful against humans and technology, but not against magic and fantastical creatures. I ...
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If I have a zero-width, infinitely-strong sword. Do I need to be worried about radiation when I cut things? [closed]

Would the blade cutting through the atoms in the target material create unstable isotopes and would that be a concern for the wielder?
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Self-Sharpening Monomolecular Edge

In my research while trying to incorporate monomolecular edged blades in my story, i saw that a monomolecular edge would get instantly dull after cutting anything, but then i saw these depleted ...
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Electric Arc Discharge Plasma and other forms of Plasma tech as a weapon

I'm making a weapon for my character which looks like a sword or is used as such but is segmented to give it whip like flexibility (restricted movement for safety) when needed. Each segment has metal ...
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How can I make this sword useful?

The sword I'm talking about is about 7 human heads tall. In the lore the sword is magical or at least thought to be magical. It is swung around by a creature capable of going invisible, which gives ...
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How does my bloodless sword work?

A LETTER FROM A ROYAL KNIGHT I have a sword. It is an excellent sword, but it has one strange proprety. Any cuts made by the sword, regardless of their size or depth, do not bleed. Unfortunatly, my ...
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Can brittle but harder swords be preferred in period context or against unarmored opponents?

So its already been repeatedly established that any harder material will inevitably be more brittle than steel and more likely to break on impact in comparison to steel. However, what if the primary ...
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Magnesium Sword as Non-Magical Flaming Swords

So I understand a lot of world builders and aspiring fiction writers have often tried to be creative with weapons and get shutdown for various reasons of impracticality or inferiority to steel. I'm ...
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Tungsten carbide sword: Will it work? [duplicate]

Ever since steel was created, it has been the go to material for swords since antiquity and into the modern era (for actual replicas and not wall hangers). Of course while being effective it is also, ...
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How to make a duel between knight with a greatsword and mage with a one-handed sword fair? [closed]

My hero is fighting using a longsword. He also knows some basic/intermediate spells so he could for example conjure a shield, throw fire, and things like that. He is currently saving his lady and to ...
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Can compressed air be used as a weapon?

Obviously guns or similar weapons can use air to propel projectiles, but I'm thinking more about close combat, or even a medieval setting, or generally less technologically advanced setting. If ...
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Reasons why sword duelling would exist on a Mars-like planet with unbreathable air

The civilisation on this planet has rockets and computers, so presumably they are smart enough to invent guns if they really want guns. Taking a sabre to a gunfight is clearly a terrible lifestyle ...
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