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What's an effective swimming stroke for a species with gliding membranes?

I'm writing about an alien species of lean-bodied, long-limbed bipeds who have vestigial gliding membranes stretching between their elbows and hips (female) or knees (male); see: https://...
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4 votes
1 answer

What are some logistic of mounts can also fly and swim?

So I have this dragon thingy named Kebera in my vampire-demon(?)-dragon world, that Zerk/'Gutsy' and Tincan 1000/TK-1000/TK, a human and small robot respectfully, ride upon. Kebera can of coarse walk ...
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2 answers

Which limbs should be retained or lost to turn this land animal into a swimmer? [closed]

The form of large swimming animals is fairly consistent across distantly related groups. As example, all aquatic mammals, save the quadrupedal semiaquatic forms, have adapted for a fish-like shape ...
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Two sets of fins, two different functions?

Let's say you had a fish analogy organism in the oceans of an alien world. Assuming it's ancestry allows for more the number of limbs, would it be possible for it to have one set of fins for swimming ...
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