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How to find a way to resist full mind control [closed]

In my story, there's an overturned villain. He used to be a pizza delivery guy, but one day delivering one of his pizzas, he enters an empty nuclear zone. It appears that a super intelligent organism ...
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Why do villains keep going after overwhelming power if there’s such a high death risk? [closed]

An evil overlord for whatever reason hears about a powerful artifact that would make him unstoppable. Because of this he scours the land to find it. Due to lacking manpower he turns his attention to ...
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What law enforcement roles could super-powered humans play in a grounded/realistic setting? [closed]

Imagine an alternate version of 2021 where there are humans with special abilities. There exist those with super-strength, flight, pyrokinesis, your standard comic book powers, but semi-grounded in ...
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What would prevent growing minions as cannon fodder from being a viable alternative to hiring henchmen?

I am a self-made entrepreneur who runs an e-commerce giant which has morphed into one of the most powerful and wealthy companies in the world. However, my business is actually a front for my secret ...
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How powerful could a person with superpowers/group of superhumans be without greatly affecting world history?

One of the major problems I've always had with the MCU and the DC universe is how powerful many of the beings or people are whilst the World is still almost the same as ours. It was as if the writers ...
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How to steal a stadium full of melted cheese? [closed]

The situation is simple: There is a stadium filled to the brim with a liquid lake of boiling hot melted cheese. You want all the cheese. It's a 10-acre stadium, with a height of 166 feet, and a ...
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