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For questions about substances that conduct electricity with extreme efficiency at relatively low temperatures.

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Turning possible a gigantic rock in the sky (sci-fi and magic)

Ok, we have magic to solve all my problems but I want to find if I can solve this "the most cientific possible". I have a world that turns out to be the earth but in a post-apocalyptic ...
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How to store and release vast amounts of electricity for industrial processes?

What Is It For? (skip if desired) It's been less than a decades since the Ilus system was cut off at its interstellar phase-gate, a few short years after the keidran were created and a disaster forced ...
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Infantry portable coilgun power sources

I am envisioning a weapons team that can carry around a coilgun about the same size as a recoilless rifle. The L55/12.M Crew Served Coilgun from Kaelo Engineering is the newest advancement in ...
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Dragon sailing Airship Part II: Room Temp Superconductor Anti-Ballast

This is the second part of a two-part question. This part uses third-party worlds to illustrate a couple of points, but it is not in any way about them, therefore this question is not off-topic. So ...
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Ringworld held in place around a Magnetar using Quantum Locking

Ringworlds are very interesting superstructures sometimes found in science fiction, but they run afoul of being under so much force that they would rip apart any known materials. Magnetars are Neutron ...
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The penguin man? Engineering humans to survive below -30 deg C

my question is as follows: How cold temperatures can withstand a genetically modified person who has the opportunity for a long time (more than a day ) at low temperatures (below -30 ° Celsius ) to ...
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What would a Superconductive Fluid do if drank/inhaled by a human?

Hypothetically speaking, if there was a substance you could drink/inhale (in an alternate reality) with superconducting properties, how would it influence the brain and the body? The superconducting ...
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Floating cities with a new superconductor v2

I made a question regarding floating cities coming from a misunderstanding of this great answer. Luckily one comment showed me how floating cities could be possible in a slightly different scenario. ...
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Floating cities with a new superconductor

Inspired by this great answer. There is a planet with: Floatium, a superconductor that behaves as such at 0 ºC and is found in nature. A stronger magnetic field than Earth's. In really cold areas I ...
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Would naturally occuring room temperature superconductors affect a planet?

Say we have a planet, similar to Earth, which has deposits of a naturally occuring superconductor. Perhaps have it about as common as deposits of gold - Moderately rare, but occurs in veins as opposed ...
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Can an android be "immune" to electromagnetic forces?

I'm having no luck researching this topic so my terms may be wrong or my entire premise faulty. I have found a related question that might be a corollary: "Can I kill a cyborg with magnetism?" My ...
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Cooling the superconductors in my personal utility fog

So I put JDlugosz's answer, the MJOLNIR Mark VI and the utility fog into a blender to get 100% pure AT-Field (copy). How does this work? Small nanites make up the shields intercepting part. They ...
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Mining for room temperature superconductors: Better To Just Make Them In The Lab? [closed]

I was thinking about Avatar the other day after the recent Cirque du Soleil show and it got me thinking. Aside from the thrill of scientific discovery, is the inherent premise just slightly barmy? I ...
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Cheap superconductors - what would consumers notice? [closed]

Both for building my world's future-tech, and as a passing mickey-take at a certain film, my story now contains Unobtanium, a conveniently vague combination of rare ...
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Power cable from earth to the moon?

Related Question : Can we 'beam' energy from the moon? I was wondering if instead of 'beam'ing energy from the moon, could it be possible to extend a power cable from the earth to the moon? If the ...
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What would change if we had room temperature superconductor now? [closed]

What would be technological impact to our every-day world, if we suddenly have room temperature super conductors ? Specifically, what would be the major areas of change in the immediate future (one ...
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