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Questions relating to the strong nuclear force, which holds nucleons together in a nucleus.

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Fusion Prevention Field - What Are the Plausible Mechanisms?

In my story, a group of human colonists are set to colonize a distant planet. But on their way there, the fusion drive on the ship stop functioning when they enter an uncharted system, and they crash ...
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Would it be possible for supergiants to play football at the normal pace with a moon-sized ball in the right parallel universe? [closed]

Imagine astronomical sized giants in a parallel universe where they could exist. They have moon-sized brains and are about 20 brains high. Their motion, in this universe, would be enormously slow. The ...
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Can a charged particle as big as a soccer ball create destruction equivalent to an atomic bomb?

Charged particles such as protons are associated with the strong nuclear force and coulombic interactions, but as they're tiny, we can only perceive them through static. If a proton gets as big as a ...
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Possibility to prolong half life of unstable molecules through altered strong force constant in parallel universes?

This continues my previous multiverse-related questions. There are some particles that could be useful to the scientific industry if they did not decay so quickly, such as antimatter-matter composites,...
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No color charged gluons [closed]

In an alternate universe all gluons are colorless meaning that no gluons have color charge. How would this affect the color force?
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What if gravitational force was strongest force rather than the Strong force

Gravity is the weakest of the fundamental forces of universe but along with electromagnetism tends to dominate most of the macro world phenomenon. But what would happen if the force of gravitation ...
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Could there exist a quantum virus which breaks someone's body down to fundamental particles?

In the Animorphs series K.A. Applegate mentions: A quantum virus. It breaks down the very forces that holds subatomic particles together. It can take weeks or even months of agony as your body ...
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What good are psychics who control the strong or weak forces? [closed]

So I have a modern setting with psions. Their powers fall into groups that control different well defined things, with many controlling fundamental forces. The psions' powers automatically attempt to ...
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