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The Emperor's Coffee House - how to build a neolithic steam engine?

This is a thought experiment that I had for a long time, and I would like to know if it is possible/feasible. Let's assume that we have a very powerful ancient emperor, who has an idea to harness the ...
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8 answers

Would gears made of stone work?

I'm writing about a setting where the people have some advanced theoretical knowledge, but as yet limited manufacturing ability; in particular, they do not yet have metallurgy, but they are trying to ...
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How to activate and deactivate a fire stone the easy way? [closed]

In a world similar set in renaissance times, there are natural occurring stones with the ability to produce flames. The more precious the stone, the higher and stronger quality of the flame/fire. Each ...
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Could Wasps and Ants reach the stone age?

In my world, a group of scientists prepare for the "inevitable" extinction of man by manufacturing* true, efficient, social(1) hive minds from Order Hymenoptera, specifically from the wasp waist ...
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How effective would a stone cannon be?

How effective would a cannon made of stone be? Would it actually fire? Would it still be usable after firing? Would it be as effective as a metal cannon? How thick would the walls of the cannon ...
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