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For questions related to the species within the Class arachnida.

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Anatomically correct Arachne

In the fantasy culture it's not uncommon to find Giant spiders with the upper body of a human. There are many variants as the spider body having only 4 legs and the upper human body have 2 additional ...
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Would armour made of spider silk work?

Would it be possible to use spider silk for armour, instead of metal? I am not worried about how to obtain the silk. I know that spiders are not domesticable and that they are too aggressive to each ...
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How big would a Daddy Longlegs Spider need to be to kill an average Human?

Daddy Longlegs Spiders, officially "Pholcidae" are known to be the worlds most venomous spiders, sort of. We are supposedly unaffected by them because their fangs are too small, the shape of their ...
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How would a very large, sentient spider communicate?

I am world building/culture building for a story that I'm writing and one of the races/sapient species is patterned after spiders. I'm willing to take a lot of liberties with the physiology (for ...
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Consistency of Giant Spider Webs

Giant spider webs in fiction always seem very thin compared to the scale of the spider itself. (See: Hobbit 2) I would expect giant spider webs to be like cables, but that might not be the case. My ...
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Why would a drider lay only a small clutch of eggs?

In a very soft-science world, in a lush forest far away from civilization and their laws, especially the one about squares and cubes, lives a young, female drider. One day, while hunting for dire-boar ...
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Large spider walking upside down

Many fantasy stories involve large spiders like in Harry Potter. These creatures behave almost exactly like normal spiders despite their size. My question is: can large spiders still walk upside down ...
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Could spiders make snare traps?

Snares are anchored cable nooses set to catch wild animals. There are two types, active and passive. An active snare has the wire under tension and a trigger to cause it to snap closed, while a ...
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How effective would this spider's technique be in getting it food/shelter(for its young)/transportation/protection?

So I have this idea for this unique species of jumping spider. Basically it is around a foot long/medium sized hat size and has pretty big fangs for its size. It jumps on to people's heads and uses ...
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Giant Sentient Spiders Tribal Warfare

Location: The Planet of Tarachs. Compared to Earth, it has lower gravity, higher oxygen percentage in the air and overall warmer climate. This resulted in higher forests, more flying species and ...
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What kind of world changes are necessary to make giant spiders feasible?

Far to the north, in a slushy and storm-torn wasteland, a city stands. Massive pillars jut hundreds of feet into the sky from their anchors deep beneath the rising and falling tides below the city. ...
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A Culture Run by Spider Silk

Before I press on the question, there are couple of things that need clearing up. The only reason that the silk that dominated Chinese culture comes from silkworms is that the caterpillars are herd ...
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Would a spider-like digestive tract work in a larger creature?

Would it be plausible for a large animal to transport nutrients through its body through digestive tubules in addition to (or even instead of) the blood? The specific system would be a system of ...
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Vacuum Cleaners as Weapons against the Spider Folk - improving their range

Background The spider folk, excluding their legs, are about the size of a golf ball but they are very numerous, they are highly venomous and, they're invading. Various tactics have been tried but the ...
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How does gigantic spider scale tall buildings?

Imagine a spider as big as an African elephant weighting 1 metric tons or less loves to leap from buildings to buildings, I wonder would it legs still works like it used to for the tiny critters using ...
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What kind of world could have humanoid size spiders

It is a classic RPG trope to have the humanoid adventurers battle some spiders that are roughly the same size as the humanoids or even a good deal bigger. There are a number of questions about giant ...
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Just How Omnipresent Would Cheap Cross Laminated Spider Silk Be?

In this timeline's equivalent of medieval level development, spider silk is dirt cheap, and cross-laminated sheets of spider silk are quite affordable. Portia jumping spiders were domesticated ...
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How Big Can An Land Arthropod Get In Our Modern Earth Climate

I've done some research into giant arthropods lately. The largest land arthropod currently is the Coconut Crab, but I'm wondering how much bigger an arthropod can get in our current Earth climate and ...
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How might a superintelligent spider species that trap humans and incorporate their minds into their hive come about? [closed]

In the Netflix short film "Beyond the Aquila rift" (spoiler ahead), we see a spaceship and her crew trapped in a spiders web. The spider plays mind games with them, feeding them simulations involving ...
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Could a human-spider hybrid develop by both human and spider embryogenesis?

The hybrid is a giant spider with a human-like closed circulatory system, calcified bones, a complete muscular system attached only to the bones, growing skin, kidneys, efficient lungs where the ...
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Turns out spider man is real. How long until people accept it? [closed]

So Spider Man shows up a solves a petty crime. He starts doing this once a week. Although he avoids law enforcement (since he is technically a vigilante, which is illegal), he otherwise doesn't try to ...
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