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Questions tagged [spiders]

For questions related to the species within the Class arachnida.

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14 answers

Anatomically correct Arachne

In the fantasy culture it's not uncommon to find Giant spiders with the upper body of a human. There are many variants as the spider body having only 4 legs and the upper human body have 2 additional ...
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8 answers

Would armour made of spider silk work?

Would it be possible to use spider silk for armour, instead of metal? I am not worried about how to obtain the silk. I know that spiders are not domesticable and that they are too aggressive to each ...
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23 votes
10 answers

How would a very large, sentient spider communicate?

I am world building/culture building for a story that I'm writing and one of the races/sapient species is patterned after spiders. I'm willing to take a lot of liberties with the physiology (for ...
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Consistency of Giant Spider Webs

Giant spider webs in fiction always seem very thin compared to the scale of the spider itself. (See: Hobbit 2) I would expect giant spider webs to be like cables, but that might not be the case. My ...
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What kind of world changes are necessary to make giant spiders feasible?

Far to the north, in a slushy and storm-torn wasteland, a city stands. Massive pillars jut hundreds of feet into the sky from their anchors deep beneath the rising and falling tides below the city. ...
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Large spider walking upside down

Many fantasy stories involve large spiders like in Harry Potter. These creatures behave almost exactly like normal spiders despite their size. My question is: can large spiders still walk upside down ...
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Turns out spider man is real. How long until people accept it? [closed]

So Spider Man shows up a solves a petty crime. He starts doing this once a week. Although he avoids law enforcement (since he is technically a vigilante, which is illegal), he otherwise doesn't try to ...
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