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For questions about the structures that move people and things into orbit by climbing a cable that runs out past geostationary orbit. Literally an elevator into space. Also called beanstalks, skyhooks, etc.

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From how far away can you see a space elevator from the ground [duplicate]

In my story, the character will walk to a space elevator he can see far away, but the question is "from how far away can he see his destination"? The action is happening is inside a gigantic ...
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Space elevator from Earth to Moon with multiple temporary anchors

Would it be possible to build a space elevator from the surface of the earth to the Moon with the following characteristics? It would be attached to the Moon, using it as counterweight. On the ...
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Space Elevator for Ganymede

My settlement on Jupiter's moon Ganymede is to get a space elevator. Unfortunately, I am completely overwhelmed with the math: How long would the cable have to be to the stationary anchor point in ...
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Space elevator counterweight station keeping

I working on a story, and there is a space elevator. I know that moon and sun have a gravitational effect on bodies in orbit. And if a heavy asteroid was used for counterweight, wouldn't it require a ...
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Would a space elevator necessarily need to be situated on the equator?

The simplest kind of space elevator would be a large mass somewhat beyond geosynchronous orbit tethered to earths surface such that the tether is always under tension from centrifugal force ...
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How much payload can a space elevator support?

I'm working on a project involving an interstellar society, and I'm looking to incorporate as much actual science and economics into the project itself since I'm a stickler for numbers and logistics. ...
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What orbital structures could be raised around a gas giant's moon?

My narrative project takes place on an habitable moon (0.7 earth masses) orbiting a gas giant 3 times the mass of jupiter at a distance of about 1003000 kms and is in a 5:2 spin-orbit resonance with ...
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The most efficient spaceport

In my works of worldbuiling I have constantly come across the problem, How to depict and create the most efficient spaceport possible for an interstellar, super advanced, space fairing species. ...
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What is the force of impact for a failing space elevator given the following conditions?

The local sapient species on a relatively Earthlike planet has constructed a space elevator. It is anchored along the equator. Due to unfortunate circumstances (and potentially divine intervention) ...
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Intermediate Structures Along a Space Elevator

Assuming all the primary hurdles in building a space elevator are overcome, would it be structurally feasible to attach intermediate stops along the length of the tether (between the planet and GSO, ...
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Stability in Lowering a Space Elevator

First question on stack exchange I’ve been lurking and learning for years and finally decided to pose a question for a novel I’m working on. Given the appropriate advances in material sciences and ...
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Orbital tether snap like a rubber band?

Let’s say a few centuries in the future, we have captured an asteroid into orbit and built a space station out of its material. The station is a ring that encircles the equator in Low Earth Orbit, ...
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A space elevator located in Kenya: Mount Kenya or the Aberdare Range?

Due to it's height and proximity to the equator, Mount Kenya has become a go-to in regards to African space elevators, but I'm wondering if another location within the Aberdare Range would be more ...
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What can prevent a super elevator to a space station from being invented?

Let's say that space around earth has no debris. Super elevator is some super durable cable between a space station and earth by which some elevator can travel. Space station is in geostationary orbit,...
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In extreme cases, can skyhooks or space elevators be used to funnel extreme planetary heating

Assume a world in a distant (2100+) future. Assume an exponential construction rate (1, 2, 4, 8 etc.) in skyhooks/time. Assume significant solar system exploration and industrialization. Assume ...
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Wouldn't planetary rotation reel in the space elevator's counterweight? [closed]

I have a question about space elevators. With the rotation of a planet, what would prevent the scenario where the orbital space station is the fishing hook or weight, the elevator is the fishing line, ...
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What is the feasibility of a space port?

Let me explain what I mean by space port. I'm playing with the idea that mankind has finally built the space elevator. After the first space elevator was built, the other space elevators were far ...
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How fast would a Martian space elevator travel?

READ EDITS I am writing a passage about the main character of my book travelling up a space elevator to the spaceport that rests in geostationary orbit above Mars. This means that the elevator would ...
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Could a natural satellite in geosynchronous orbit be used as a counterweight to a space elevator?

Could a natural satellite in geosynchronous orbit be used as a counterweight for a space elevator? Does the counterweight need to be of approximately the same weight as the anchor? If so, I suppose ...
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How high would a space elevator need to be on Mars?

So I have been doing a lot of reading on space elevators/tethers for a SciFi book I am writing and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info on building one on Mars rather than Earth ...
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Space elevator into a blackhole. Possible?

Inspired by Spaceship orbiting a black hole under the event horizon - a prison where no one escapes, I was wondering if it is possible to make a space elevator that goes down into a black hole. In ...
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Does it makes sense to build a "space tower" in Indonesia and Brazil?

I wanted to make a setting that has a "space tower" of some kind, not necessarily a space elevator (it might be a fountain for example, or even just a gigantic upward pointing mass driver). It makes ...
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What color is a space elevator?

Consider a space elevator, a thread hanging from the heavens and being anchored to a spot in ground or sea barge at equator. As I understand it, it'd be very thin at ground and get thicker on the way ...
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Is a space elevator with wings feasible? (engineering, not economic concerns)

Consider a very conveniently placed asteroid in orbit around the earth, and we hang the space elevator off of that. It doesn't have to be at the geostationary altitude but it would probably help if it ...
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Elevator to the Moon

Inspired by Related but too different in details for answers to apply Why not build a space elevator starting from the moon? As answered in the ...
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Elevator through the earth? Yay or Nay

Grab the popcorn ladies and gents, I'm gonna talk about a movie real quick. In the movie Total Recall (2012), the main character and his friend step into a huge earth elevator/public transportation ...
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Why not build a space elevator starting from the moon?

Anchor one end of the cable to the side of the moon that faces the earth. Drop the other end of the cable to earth so that it drags along the ground. The earth's gravity and friction contributes a ...
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From how much of a planet's surface will the Space Elevator be visible?

On Earth, from how much of a planet's surface will the Space Elevator be visible, as in "a prominent object in the sky"? The simple geometry seems straightforward: If we assume the elevator ...
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What would a space elevator on the moon be made out of?

Okay, so some space miners fly into space to get Helium-3, and then fly it back to earth to sell to non-space people. Flying into and off the earth is rather expensive, so they want to simply take an ...
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How to protect a space elevator against terrorism

We have built a space elevator using carbon nanotube. The cable is just strong enough to sustain the counterweight, with a narrow margin to survive storms. PROBLEM: Terrorists of the Spaghettic State ...
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What forces should I consider for my hotel room on the Space Elevator?

I asked a similar question (in a SpaceEx manner) on Space Exploration, but here I've made it a bit more ... worldbuilding. We have a nice Space Elevator, and I'm in charge of the luxury guest ...
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Can I build a space elevator from superman's hair?

In Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (imdb) a single strand of Superman's hair is seen suspending a 1000lbs weight. Is is possible to build a space elevator from strands of a super strong human-hair-...
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Is someone travelling on a space elevator/escalator possible?

Let's assume that there is a way to travel into space that's not in a rocket, and a human can essentially just walk/be carried into the upper atmosphere and beyond. Would there be anything that, ...
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To build a space elevator

One fine day, magical space aliens arrived and launched and harpooned an extremely long(100,000 km) and thick(100km radius) spear into somewhere in equatorial Africa, which buried and anchored itself ...
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Where to Anchor My Space Elevator

Thanks to the recent discovery of handwavium ‡ filaments that can in principle be extruded to any length, we will be able to build space elevators sooner than most people would expect. The ...
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Economic and geopolitical effects of building a space elevator?

Most interested in effects during the first <75 years. Things to consider: What type of organization is building the space elevator? How is the service sold/rented? What is its maintenance/...
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