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Can CRISPR technology be used to create ‘super soldiers’? [closed]

Can CRISPR technology be used to create ‘super soldiers’ that are animal human hybrids? So the hearing of a bat, night vision of an owl, hunting prowess of a wolf, maybe resistant to pain and ...
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Gasoline-Powered Supersoldiers [duplicate]

According to our current understanding of biology and chemistry, could genetically engineered supersoldiers that digest hydrocarbons (such as those found in gasoline) feasibly be created within a ...
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9 answers

Single vs multi-person drop pods

Excluding teleportation, the most rapid way of delivering troops to an operation planeside is by dropping them out of orbit in a steel can. Whether a small QRF or a few thousand marines dropping in to ...
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Why Do My Super-Soldiers Constantly Mutter Their Thoughts Out Loud?

I am creating a race (either near-alien or a human sub-species) in a science fiction setting that have an unfortunate "tell." While they can stay silent in non-social (stealth-requiring) ...
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Would silverbloods actually make for better soldiers?

Silverbloods are those whose blood gleam like polished silver when alive and are a dull grey when dead, an image of them bleeding being much like the spilling of mercury. They have the ability to ...
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Realistic Rounds for Penetrating advanced body armor? A round for standard infantry against nano-machined ceramics

Ed: This is my first post here so sorry for any mistakes I made. I realize my question was kinda stupid thinking about it. Here's the gist, I'm having issue coming up with a round for standard ...
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Soldier hit unconscious [closed]

A character who is close to the explosion of a mortar shell has a concussion and his lights go out. In this situation would it be possible to lose consciousness without a loss of blood? If so how ...
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How would a society dominated by mercenary companies work?

A continent I am building was entirely dominated by one race for centuries, with all other races as slaves. Throughout this time, there was an underground network, namely 4 huge coalitions of soldiers....
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5 votes
8 answers

Why would super-soldiers be really tall?

Very simple I need some really big and imposing marines. The enhancements make them stronger with faster reaction speed, bone strengh and the works. Why would these marines be really tall as well? Is ...
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