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For questions about the outermost layer of a planet's surface. On Earth, the soil is saturated with organic remains and rock particles; analogous environments may be similar. Be sure to specify why soil is relevant within the body of the question; what is different about the soil in your world, or what is the desired effect on the world? Consider also "ecology" and "chemistry."

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Is it possible for the soil of a desertic exoplanet to be so copper rich that its surface is mostly covered in green-blue deserts?

Here on Earth, Mars and most of others if not all terrestrial planets in the universe, iron is their most common metallic element because iron is in general the most common metal in the universe. Here ...
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Purple soil - how would it be possible?

For one of my projects, I'm developing an inhabited Earth-like world, with the key visual difference being that much of the land is purple, instead of the brownish colour it is on Earth. My question ...
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Blue soil (aka dirt) in an earth-like planet?

How could blue soil exist, in a realistic earth-like world. The world may even be earth. First off is it even possible - could soil like this exist given the requirements below? (if not then why?) ...
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Water & Nutrient Cycle of an upside down forest

This is a follow up question to Sky of Earth and Seas of Sky I have a medieval fantasy setting where people live in a vast expanse of giant caves contained in a sort of giant Stanford torus. This is ...
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Why do my humongous cliff ledges have cultivable soil on them?

This world is basically a huge vertical cliff wall, hundreds of kilometers high. Some of the crevices and ledges in that wall are large enough to build cities on (up to kilometers in length and up to ...
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Is relocating fertile topsoil possible/feasible?

In my world, there are two distinct regions close to each other: fertile and very densely populated infertile marshlands and very sparsely populated During the mid-1900s, the cities in the region #1 ...
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Hanging World - Soil

Scenario A civilization is living on an ancient super structure, they don't know much about it, they just live there and have lived there for as long as they know. For our current situation we can ...
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The soil of mushroom island

If you have ever watched Tintin: Or played Minecraft: Then you may have dreamed, as I have, of an ecosystem dominated by Fungal life. As part of a Hard Sci-Fi RPG I'm running, I'd like one of the ...
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