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For questions that involve problems that could arise through the use of social media, as well as possible applications of social media in a fictional world.

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Digital camouflage [closed]

In the near future our net (digital) activity is monitored and logged into kind of social credit system. How would our protagonist go about Hide illegal activity (Could it be camouflaged as legal ...
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What would social media look like in a setting where communication wasn't instant, and where content quality might be deliberately downgraded?

It's the near future, humanity has discovered a new element in the asteroid field that allows faster than light travel and communication through a brute force methods that's largely handwaved away at ...
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How do telecom companies survive when everyone suddenly knows telepathy?

One day a small meteorite impact occurred somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, and moments later a mysterious green glow sweeps across the globe at an amazing speed. All of a sudden everyone can hear ...
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How can I use social media to spread irrevocable insanity?

I am Howard Lovecraft, a mediocre science fiction writer who has discovered an ancient text called the Necromonion. This text was written by Eldritch dieties and causes irrevocable insanity in all ...
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Social Media for Blind Aliens

The Xy: There is a sentient alien species called the Xy, which primarily relies on its sense of touch, smell, and hearing to make its way around the world. Physiology: Due to evolving in dark ...
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How could I take note of the mayhem I caused as a fish?

Having read the answers to the How much mayhem could I cause as a fish? of the salmon mayhem gang series, I was wondering, what means the salmon gang had to actually figure the impact of their evil ...
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In the age of people getting as many avatars and social profiles as they want, can we really define death? [closed]

When we get the chance to create social profiles, gaming avatars, alternative virtual and social personalities, is it possible to actually die someday?
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Will social networking sites create fake people using AI?

After further development in AI, will social networking sites create fake accounts like humans using AI and make this AI's to talk/chat to real people? They might do this to get money through ads and ...
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Anomalies/"impossible" events: what factors would make them more (or less) credible?

This is my first stackexchange question, please let me know if it needs changes: Context: The basic action in my world-building project is that magic is being brought back into our world -- even if ...
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How would social media work with high latency times?

This is an extension of the old question How would interstellar internet work?. If civilization was spread over several different planets or moons (in the same system), and it took perhaps a few hours ...
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