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For questions involving snakes and snake-like creatures including the evolution or development of sapient creatures having a snake form such as the Nāga of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

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How to keep critters out of my flooded skyscrapers?

Overall setting -- "loosely future Earth," say a hundred years from now, with plausible levels of realism (doesn't have to be perfect, but should feel familiar and match intuition). Climate ...
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Mass for mass could a prehensile tail hits harder than human's punch?

Contestant 1: healthy adult male human weights 80kg with less than 5% body fat. Punching method based on principle of a lever. Contestant 2: healthy adult serpentine species (limbless) with similar ...
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Anatomical Plausibility of Snake-Footed People [closed]

The snake-footed people are, as the name implies, people with serpentine feet. Specifically, they have the muscles and bones of the lower part of a snake replacing their feet and part of their legs ...
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What adaptions would a human need to open their jaws as wide as a snake's?

Would it be a simple change of bone shape? Muscles? Keep in mind, this adaption is not for swallowing bigger food, as the human throat path makes that difficult, but is instead is for intimidating ...
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Could this lindworm survive as a predator?

My lindworm is a dragon with a rather classical form. They have a long body like a snake, and move by slithering. At their chest they have a pair of arms with raptorial claws. Their necks are long and ...
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Cobras becoming amphipteres

For those who don't know, an amphiptere is basically a dragon with no legs but it has wings. Whether or not these are pseudowings that only allows gliding or bat-like wings that allows flight varies. (...
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Could a creature use its tail to move on land?

Here is my humanoid creature. It is just 4'11 while standing on its legs, but I have not figured out how long the tail should be, other than its longer than the entire rest of its body. Most of the ...
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How to prevent submerged hard-shelled eggs from "drowning"?

I've got this not-too-hard Scifi setting that has a race of snake people, inspired by boa constrictors, that live in a Amazon-like forest near the riverbank and have affinity to water and swimming. (...
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How would a snake-tailed being cover their cloaca?

How could a creature (such as a lamia) with a long 'tail' similar to the rear of a snake, cover its cloaca without the covering slipping off or being too uncomfortable for everyday use?
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Food and cutlery for intelligent snakes

The intelligent snake has all the smarts of a human, as well as the accompanying desire for luxury and refinement in their life beyond fulfilling their basic needs. What they lack is appendages, and ...
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How would snake creatures which use uroboros to roll to safety avoid brain damage?

Imagine a particular species of snake living in a mountainous region that when provoked or threatened will curve itself into a loop and every muscle in its body will tighten as it rolls down the slope ...
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harmless snake venom that causes muscle pain? [closed]

let say if this snake exist, it's venomous but it's venom is not dangerous, but it can cause muscle this snake uses this venom to kill small animals and uses also to make it attackers move slowly ...
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What could a reptilian race tell by candling their eggs?

I've got a D&D-inspired setting, and one of the races present are yuan-ti. They're sentient snake people with a variety of forms, ranging from mostly human-looking to basically just a giant ...
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Armor for a humanoid snake

My world is medieval-ish in terms of technology level. While there is magic, it's not at all enchantment-like so any armor should be able to be naturally produced. In this world is a humanoid snake ...
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