Questions tagged [slower-than-light]

For questions about settings in which travel and/or communication is slower than the speed of light.

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Realistic sublight propulsion [closed]

I was wondering if there was a realistic propulsion method that needs at most the power output of a fusion reactor which can be small enough to fit on a personal spacecraft, is efficient enough to do ...
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What resources would Earth want from a STL colonial civilization? [duplicate]

In the year 21XX, Earth sends several slower-than-light ships to colonize Earth-like planets. The atmosphere, topsoil mineral composition, and the frequency profile and intensity of light on these ...
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Using hypersleep to offset time dilation? [closed]

Say you need to go on a business trip where you'll be traveling .5c for one year to get to where you're going, do what you need to do for a few weeks then head back - you'd come back to find everyone ...
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Which of these two spaceships would count as the fastest man made craft ever launched? [closed]

For a while now, I've been "working" on a story where mankind begins to set out towards the stars; and in my procrastination I started to get hung up on something. In the universe I'm working on, ...
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