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Questions tagged [size]

For questions seeking answers about the size of an object or creature. Size is measured in terms of height, width, length, volume, circumference, perimeter, etc. A question seeking to know the limit of a size (e.g., "biggest," "smallest," etc.) are required to explain the conditions and circumstances that justify use of the superlative. Questions about weight, percentage of an amount, etc. may not use this tag (see the "ruler rule" in the tag wiki).

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How would you calculate the maximum time of the totality of a solar eclipse? [closed]

How would you calculate the maximum time of the totality of a solar eclipse given: the diameter of the sun in the sky the diameter of the moon in the sky (the moon in the sky is bigger or equal to ...
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From how far away can you see a space elevator from the ground [duplicate]

In my story, the character will walk to a space elevator he can see far away, but the question is "from how far away can he see his destination"? The action is happening is inside a gigantic ...
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How big can my giant killer-eel grow?

In my fantasy world, Mainspring, the top of the oceans' food chain is the maculatum, a species of giant eel which originated on another plane/dimension. Maculatum reproduce asexually and wthout any ...
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Would tidal recession significantly reduce the angular size of small moons?

Multiple large moons around a terrestrial planet is something that is seen in science fiction a lot, but is not really easily possible. An alternative is to use smaller moons but have them orbit ...
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How big would the AoE/destruction of a nuke 72 times smaller than normal be assuming it still works at that scale?

I had the idea of a nuke that is scaled down for roughly 1 inch tall cockroaches. Why would they make one at all? Because it sounds cool. Would it effect them since they are roaches? Probably not. ...
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What is the minimum size for an “open” space habitat?

In my science-fiction universe, rotating space habitats are widespread, and range a great deal in size. However, all fit into one of into 2 classes: “closed” habitats, which are too small to retain an ...
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How much of Mars is covered if 10 quadrillion tonnes of water fall on it?

The setting: In trying to terraform Mars quickly, I am imagining that Phobos, (the bigger of its two moons) holds ten-quadrillion tonnes of water ice beneath its stony regolith. I am further supposing ...
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If a species keeps growing throughout their 200-300 year life, what "growth curve" would be most reasonable/realistic?

In my fantasy world, I have the suchians, a race of reptilian humanoids that live for 200-300 years and keep growing throughout their lives. I am wondering what a reasonable "growth curve" ...
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Climate zones on a tiny world

Suppose you have what it takes to build a Ringworld, or at least a Culture Orbital, but instead you make a tiny scale model of Earth, with a neutronium core to make the surface gravity match, a ...
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How large can the main disk of spiral galaxies get? [closed]

I'm asking how large (by which specifically I mean diameter in light-years, though a rough estimate of the number of stars would be appreciated) can the main body of the spiral galaxy get. I'm ...
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What size is the largest known molecule anywhere in the universe?

I understand that generally, beings get as big as the thing(land, sea etc)they live on or in however another celestial object can interfere with size, like the moon and ppl got smaller. But can a ...
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2 answers

How large could a passenger airship be built with 1920s era technology?

I am writing a steampunk novel set in a human world without computer chips, heavier than air aircraft, or recyclable plastic. How large could a passenger airship be built using 1920s era technology? ...
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How big animals could survive on an island the size of Madagascar

I've been making a story about an lost world island, roughly the size of Madagascar, (593.40 km²). I have currently estimated that I could have herbivorous animals up to 3 tons in weight (sauropods) , ...
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How big would hammers have to be for an insect-sized humanoid to use?

This humanoid is roughly the same mass as a housefly, and has similar strength in its limbs. They have formed a society, and can create complex tools. One of these tools is a hammer used to drive ...
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Does the mass of a planet affect the size of living organisms?

I’m trying to do some world building for a game I’ve been working on, and so I’ve been designing a planet that would fit large fauna and flora. What I would like to know is if the mass of a planet has ...
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