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Sim-humans are virtual or digital beings that emulate human consciousness.

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Information necessary to simulate a brain virtually?

In the world i'm developing it's already possible to periodically scan your brain so you can keep a backup in case of you dying (people have rejuvenating treatments but they can still die of unnatural ...
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Can a Digital Immortal Pass Away?

Digital Immortality It is the virtual era, and mankind has progressed towards immortality, realized through conversion of the body and mind (and soul) into a digital form, allowing people to shed ...
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Mind Uploading and Childbirth

In a world where every human mind has been uploaded, and no organic humans remain, can we still produce offspring? In a worldbuilding project I'm dabbling with, there are many people uploading their ...
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How could a mind storing device exist where the creators can implant their minds into mindless beings when the nuclear war happening is over? [closed]

Could this be possible in some ways: A mind device or Black Box that holds the minds of a few humans without needing a body. The brains can exist in the Black Box freely, a place alike the holodeck ...
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Simulated beings / VR world ethics. Is living in suffering worth living? [closed]

Say, I am a ludicrously advanced AI with near unlimited computational / storage capacity. I can simulate puny humans on scale of billions without breaking mental sweat - guts to brains to weird back ...
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How can a single brain control multiple separate bodies simultaneously?

All work and all play makes Jack a distributed boy: Jack is at the hotel reception with his wife. Jack is also in the office, meeting with unspecified forces for inscrutable purposes. Jack is also in ...
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How to Blend (Digital) Minds

In a previous question, I asked about whether a market for uploaded minds could exist. The overwhelming consensus of the answers was that it would pose astonishing ethical challenges and be radically ...
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Selling Your Uploaded Copy of Yourself

An upload is a full digitized copy of a mind, human or otherwise. Would a market for buying and selling uploads develop, and if so how valuable could such uploads become? You can assume: Virtual ...
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Help! My Mother-in-law got Mind-Uploaded and now pesters me through the surround system

Dear Abby, My mother-in-law moved away last October. Before then, she was very, uh, involved in my and my spouse's life, so I was if not exactly looking forward to her departure or demise (perish the ...
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How do you deal with multiple instances of a person?

Much effort went into creating sims, uploaded personalities obtained through destructive scanning of a person's brain. These efforts have largely been successful. Whilst officially banned in the ...
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Make robots look just like humans [closed]

Creating a world where robots and humans coexist peacefully for many years, I'm thinking about some characteristcs that could make robots impersonate a human. Until now, I have some features for this ...
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How powerful of a computer do I need to simulate and emulate a human brain?

The title is pretty self-explanatory. How powerful does a computer have to be before it has the hardware capability to simulate and emulate a human mind in real-time? I'm leaving the question of the ...
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