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Questions tagged [science-fiction]

For questions that allow fanciful, creative or imaginative solutions based on or rationalized by real world science, but not necessary limited by real world science. Entirely magical solutions must use the magic tag instead. This tag should not be used with the science-based, hard-science, or internal-consistency tags. This tag should never be the only tag on a question, because this tag frames how a question should be answered, not the topic.

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How would silicon life work with silane compounds instead of silicone?

I've seen all of the silicon based stuff, but those require high temperatures. I am planning on doing something in a cold area, where I wanted a character to be silicon based. I learned that you need ...
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Sun-like star system with less water close to the frost line

Normally in sun-like planetary systems, there are small rocky planets around the habitable zone or closer and gas giants beyond the frost line. Typically these gas giants later migrate inwards due to ...
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Fixing my multi-lunar/planetary System

So I'm working on a fictional system that is based on several habitable moons orbiting a Gas Giant. The Specifics are as follows: Mass of the central Star (Currently): 3 Solar Masses Mass of the Gas ...
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How would a dyson swarm actually work? -Orbits

SO HOW WOULD A DYSON SWARM'S ORBIT LOOK LIKE? we are all familiar with the concept of a dyson swarm, a series of orbital stations' reflective satellites that serve to collect the energy given off by ...
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What would the climate of a Pangaea-Ultima-inspired world be like?

In a sci-fi scenario, human explorers have discovered a binary of G0 stars, each one 105% as wide, 110% as massive and 126% as bright as our sun. Orbiting this binary within its habitable zone is an ...
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Workshopping a higher dimensions-based "magic" system?

I had this recent idea for a system which would allow for beings to defy our understanding of physics while being based on real theoretical physics, but I'd like some advice on how to make it work in ...
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