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Two halfs planet possible [closed]

Imagine a planet, with two halves - one half of the crust & core rotating against the planetary rotation, remaining stable. The other half turns normaly similar to earth. Could such a planet ...
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Does planet size affect mountain formation?

I just wanted to know if the size of a planet would affect the size of its mountains. For example, I know Mars has larger mountains than our own despite being 1/3 our size. Do planets that are larger ...
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Decaying Planets

Assume there is this planet with only one type of life; a planet-wide mat of microscopic lithotrophs. These creatures eat through the surface of the planet over time, converting the surface into gas. ...
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What makes my planetary shields more practical on the surface of planets than in space?

First off habitable planets play a major role in this setting. Furthermore this is a setting whose elements somewhat require that the surface of planets are not soft targets. In particular planets are ...
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Can the mass of a rocky Super Giant be artificially reduced?

THE PREMISE: Let's imagine a solar system with at least two rocky planets. One is Earth sized "A" (or smaller) and the second is a Super Giant "B". Both are in the habitable zone ...
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What would a hycean planet look like?

So, for a sci-fi project, I am imagining the star system Ran, ( as being orbited by five planets: a gas giant (Aegir) and an ice giant (Dufa) a “young ...
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Nibiru hypothesis [duplicate]

Starting from the infamous "Nibiru hypothesis", I'd like to craft a world identical or at least similar to the one described within the works (more SF than Hard Science if you ask me) of ...
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Could a Giant Earth planet have lower gravity than Earth?

I'm writing a neo-pulp adventure and one of the planets that appears needs to have the following characteristics: Is populated by giant non-sentient non-humanoid insect-like aliens, some from the ...
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