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Questions tagged [relationships]

For posts dealing with relation building between entities (people, species, etc.)

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What would be the German and French attitudes toward marriage? [closed]

The story that I'm writing is set in an alternate, vaguely-medieval Europe. There are some differences, since in this world, magic has been a known and relatively steady influence on culture and ...
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How would families function in a polyamorous society? [closed]

In my society, it is normal for groups of two, three, and four to live together and raise a family. Within a group, not all members are necessarily married to each other. As per the chart below, there ...
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How should a time traveler be careful if they decide to stay and make a family in the past?

In a world where time travel in the past is possible but deletes the current future/ present, there is a person named Sarah who does not worry about the ripple effects her actions might create. Sarah ...
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How would a societies evolve where almost everyone can shapeshift into last person they have touched [closed]

In my world, every individual gains the unique ability to shapeshift into the last person they have touched upon turning 16 years old. Somethings to note is one cannot revert back to their original ...
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Would an asexually reproducing Humanoid species have any form of romance or sexual pleasure?

So I have a setting where the main sapient species is a very closely Humanoid race. In this setting, Humans, along with many other species across a number of dimensions, are all descended from an ...
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Could there be a romantic relationship between an ancient immortal and young mortal without a power imbalance? [closed]

Romantic relationships with serious age-gaps are controversial in real life. It is often seen as the older person is engaging in predatory behavior since they are generally both wiser and richer than ...
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How would you make a culture that discouraged polyamory even among elites?

I've read a lot of harem stories, and they often have things set up to make harems even more likely, such as skewed gender ratios, eliminating jealousy, religious support and such. I am writing a ...
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How could the crew on a small spacecraft (6 people) on an isolated long (10yr) mission remain productive and harmonious?

Near future, Earth is starting to die, we send out dozens of small spacecraft to investigate promising exo-planets for habitability among neighbouring star systems: AI isn't smart enough to do the ...
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Why would an ordinary man be less likely to like or fall in love with a female mage/sorceress? [closed]

I think marrying a mage/sorceress would likely seems cool compared to an ordinary woman. Can heal family diseases more quickly using the knowledge of spells and potions, more likely to age slower (if ...
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How could political rivals use the information below to conspire against 2 top members of a dictators inner circle? [closed]

In society being gay is punishable by death. In my country the minister of foreign relations is gay and tries his best to hide it. The evil dictator finds out but he doesn't care he wants to support ...
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Human reaction to this type of reproduction [closed]

So humans and these aliens will be interacting in this story and reproduction will be one of the clashing differences they have, so my question is how would western human society react to this form of ...
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Why would a spaceship A.I. have a romance feature despite this being a taboo for all crew members? [closed]

Usually a relationship between an A.I. and a human is taboo, the A.I. is equipped with arrays of sensors and knows psychology very well, so that it can monitor the crew's mental health on their boring ...
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How to match make others? [closed]

I'm writing a story about few foreigners doing a work stint on a small island country, ~500K. The country is quite similar to the western world except dating is mandatory for every single person, with ...
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