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For questions regarding Ragnarök, an apocalyptic time period in Norse mythology that results in chaos and death.

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Climate after the Ragnarok IMPACT

I am curious (with reasons) about what will happen after an asteroid (called Valhalla 2! Valhalla 1 had collided with the Moon!) collides with Earth. Initially, Valhalla 2 is a major fragment that ...
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Could a super volcano cause ragnarok like events?

For the world I am creating I am trying to have an event like a super volcano explosion in its past. Generations of oral storytelling have resulted in the Norse mythology of Ragnarok making its way to ...
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Signs of a realistic Ragnarök

So, I've been considering the Norse legend of Ragnarök, I'm considering how the legend could come true in a purely scientific setting. In other words what science-based explanation would best fit the ...
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What proof could Ragnarök leave behind?

Ragnarök is the Norse rendition of the apocalypse. A major event during this apocalypse is Fernir devouring the sun. If we assume that the sun and all of its influence disappear entirely for 3 days, ...
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Use Physics to prove Ragnarök has already occurred

This question asks what would happen to the solar system if the sun vanished for about three days, the mass and energy of the sun simply ceasing to exist. This answer (as of this question, anyway) ...
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What happens if the sun disappears and then reappears some days later?

In the Norse prophesy of Ragnarok, Fenrir eats the sun. Considering the Earth is not immediately consumed by a supernova, it must be assumed that he swallows it whole and it just ceases to exist on ...
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