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A pyramid is a triangular or near-triangular construction on a square or rectangular base. Pyramids are commonly associated with ancient Egypt but similar structures are found in various locations on Earth.

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Pyramid step height question: is my math correct? [closed]

I'm writing a bit involving a pyramid. The pyramid is 400 feet in width, 150 feet tall, and one side has 100 steps ascending to the top. The first step is 36 inches (3 feet) tall, and each successive ...
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Civilized aliens coming from Mars in spaceships to build the pyramids [closed]

I'm writing a classic Mars-pyramid story in which some Martian aliens ride in a spaceship and come to Earth and build the Egyptian pyramids. Their environment on Mars is very dry, there are no rivers--...
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Building a road to escape Earth's gravity by making a pyramid on Antartica

If you have miles of steel pipes 10m thick, could you pump water from the sea to the centre of Antarctica, then pump it into the air like a geyser so that it falls around the pipe. As the fallen ...
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The Japanese Mega-Pyramid in Ancient Egypt--Would it Work?

If anyone thinks of an image that speaks "Egypt", odds are no-brained that the number-one choice would be the mighty pyramids, the grand resting places of the people's man-gods, or pharaohs. The ...
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How to prepare for an alien pyramid exploration? [closed]

In the near future, NASA has discovered the existence of a huge pyramid buried under the red dunes of Mars but no signs of life were detected. NASA has already achieved three successful space missions ...
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building a pyramid with upgraded ancient Egyptian tech

I'm your average Pharaoh, I'm building me a pyramid and I don't want help from aliens. Also, while it's probable that the pharaohs went for the human labour thing, that's totally boring. I'd like some ...
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