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Questions tagged [prophecy]

For questions about predicting the future and the feedback on society caused by knowing the prediction.

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32 answers

Is there any reason why The Chosen One should bother to do anything if their victory is prophesized? [closed]

Assume the prophecy says that The Chosen One will defeat the DARK OVERLORD. The spell of the prophecy is always accurate and has a 100% chance of being true. This has been mathematically proven and is ...
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3 answers

How might a person summon the devil from its prison? [closed]

A society of prophets live according to middle-age superstitions. They abide by a lunar calendar, put a strong emphasis on star signs, and believe they possess psychic powers such as palm reading and ...
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Why would an all seeing book explain the future in a very confusing manner, but be able to explain the present or past crystal clear?

In my fantasy world there exists a book that contains everything that has, is, and will happen as well as every emotion, thought, and action. This book is known as the Acabar. One cannot physically "...
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Without modeling an entire starfield how would I go about making constellations for my world?

In real life constellations are stars, picked out amongst a myriad of stars. But in a fictional world, I don't have a field of stars to begin with and I'm not sure it would be worth creating one for ...
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Helping the Soviets to win the race to the moon

Because of an error in the interpretation of the Mayan calendar I just discovered, I know now that Earth will be destroyed on March 13, 2021 at 11 o'clock in the morning, time zone of Palenque. I ...
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What could we do with a prophecies that are always the *opposite* of the future? [closed]

In this world, the descendants of the various Oracles of Delphi have developed the ability to prophesy/predict the future. However, rather than predict correctly, each one of these descendants ...
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How could I travel back in time and tell a lie to myself? And how could I tell if future me was lying? [closed]

Hypothetical scenario. At the end of last semester, I got okay grades in my courses. Not great, but passable. Let's say that today I somehow come across a time machine; I'm not able or willing to ...
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Justification for ambiguous poetic prophecy

Stories often have prophecies using convoluted ambiguous phrases, unclear wording, or oddly poetic form. Things like saying "no man may defeat me" only to have the person defeated by a female dwarf, ...
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The time locked vault will open in accordance with the prophecy

I have just invented the Macguffin. It is ultimate wondrous power for anyone who is wise enough to wield it... But humanity isn't ready for it yet. I need to put it out of reach for a significant ...
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