Questions tagged [propaganda]

For questions about organised attempts to influence the beliefs and actions of an entire society of people. For example supporting a war; encouraging or discouraging racial discrimination; improving the reputation of an individual or organisation; or damaging the reputation of their opposition.

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How could a church maintain the illusion of an Eternal Flame for hundreds of years?

In the world I am developing, a group called the Garotakor Kobark base their belief system on a fire that has burned consistently for hundreds of years. It has been contained within a step pyramid-...
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14 votes
6 answers

Integrating Earth into interstellar empire [closed]

First Contact In 2020s an alien starship visited Earth. First contact was peaceful - with intial contact made from orbit, humans started learning the alien language and the aliens - let's call them ...
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How can a matriarchal religion support a patriarchal structure?

The Cult of the Holy Mother is a female-dominated religious organization that retains a large role in the shaping of society and affairs of the nation. The cult traces its origins to a virgin woman ...
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How can an expression of a god's power be used to authenticate the legitimacy of a sect within a religion?

The Cult of the Holy Mother is a female-dominated sect within a larger religious organization led by a male patriarch. Although the cult is small, it retains a significant role in the imagination of ...
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