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Questions tagged [precognition]

For questions about prescience, future vision, future sight or any psychic or technological ability to see events in the future.

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3 answers

How to ensure privacy while using the crystal ball?

I am forming a super secret coven or S.S.C. unit to overthrow the magistrates in Salem before New Year's Eve of 1963. The only means of communication as well as identification is the crystal ball, ...
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14 answers

Can a precognitive dodge modern firearms?

If you have a physically fit individual who can see up to 5 seconds in the future, is it possible for them to not get hit by bullets by moving away? (Precognition being defined here as the ability to ...
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What's the deciding factor in what my Foresight can predict?

When you have foresight, it's guaranteed that confusion will be your epitaph (thumbs up to the one person who gets the joke). Basically, it only grants you advantage on actions, so you still can't ...
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How could this three-second foresight work?

"However, King Crimson has already seen through it. Your movements in the future. The trajectory of your movements in the future." "No matter who you may be, everyone goes through their ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Your computer made you rich by perfectly predicting 50/50 and 1:3 decisions, but only 50µs in the future. What did you control? [closed]

You have a Time Displacement Teleportation Device (or two). Your computer is making split-second decisions, & it knows an outcome or event 50µs from now and can correct decisions. You now control ...
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How to catch creatures that can predict the next few minutes?

These creatures have the ability to see all possible outcomes within their vicinity within the next 30 minutes or so. This is not the same as foreknowledge that they have no choice over. Even if ...
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37 votes
19 answers

Is it possible to encode a message in such a way that can only be read by someone or something capable of seeing into the very near future?

Say you have some way of seeing somewhere between a microsecond to 0.1 seconds into the future, or at least the most likely future. Is it possible,through something like a flip-book effect or some ...
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10 answers

What would be the effects of (relatively) widespread precognition on the stock market?

I am working on a story in which around 1% of the world population has at least some semblance of a metahuman ability. Many metahuman abilities are advantageous in traditional employment, and I ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How to exploit a slight but definite precognitive ability?

In an interesting question here, @Masclins asks how two twins who can each experience and perceive everything the other is sensing or thinking might be able to exploit their ability. I want to ask a ...
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14 votes
13 answers

Forememory: What could prevent reiteration from working?

I use forememory instead of foresight, due to how the ability works. A cunning and creative person can remember five minutes into the future, and are smart enough to exploit it in any way possible. ...
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67 votes
10 answers

How to make money from a browser who sees 5 seconds into the future of any web page?

You installed a strange browser you found in the deep web that works similar to any other. You soon discover something really amazing. That browser shows the state of any web page or online app 5 ...
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